Heyetsy is a Chrome browser extension that displays product metrics for Etsy products and shops.

Using the Heyetsy Extension to display metrics can help Etsy sellers identify potential markets. This, in turn, aids sellers in achieving better sales figures on the platform.

Heyetsy has two Co-Founders, Trung and John Nguyen, along with other members in the YTuong team providing support.

With years of experience in selling on the Etsy platform, this tool was developed based on the actual needs and experience of the sellers for the sellers. Therefore, the YTuong team is confident that this tool's data will be as accurate as possible, helping users evaluate products as well as niche markets.

Heyetsy is one of the projects within the ecosystem developed by team YTuong. You can explore more projects by the team here: https://ytuong.me/tools

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