🧐Highlight - Highlighting potential products in red

This feature helps you identify potential products on Etsy more quickly.

What is the function of this feature?

During the process of searching for potential products on Etsy, there will be times when it's difficult to identify promising items due to the overwhelming amount of data displayed for numerous products on the Etsy e-commerce platform.

Constantly reading all the data on one page can easily discourage you.

This feature was developed to help you save scrolling time; now, by quickly glancing over a page and spotting a red data block, you can identify a potential product. And, if there are several red data blocks on one page, it indicates that the niche market is receiving significant attention from shoppers.

Installation and usage instructions

Step 1: Open the Extension at the top right corner of the screen

Step 2: You can adjust the parameters to find potential products according to your criteria

Default Parameters:

Daily Views >= 8

Created day <= 14

This means that if a product has Daily Views >= 8 and was created <= 14 days ago, it will be displayed in red.

You can change the highlight color to any color of your choice at position 3.

Step 3: Return to Etsy and look for a specific niche. Even though the scrolling speed is very fast, I can still easily spot potential products based on the highlighted items.

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