I can't view the order chart under each Store?

Even though you have logged into Heyetsy, if you still can't view the order chart below each Store, please follow the steps below:

How to Fix Errors

  • Step 1: Please log out of your account on both Heyetsy.com and YTuong.me domains.

  • Step 2: Please log in to your account in the iframe labeled "Heytesy" that appears beneath any Store.

The position of the Iframe described in the article below:

3️⃣Display the chart of orders below each Store

If the above methods do not work, then create a new Chrome Profile and reinstall the Heytesy Extension.

The issue arises from cookie conflicts among the accounts you previously used on Heyetsy. Logging out of your account as instructed aims to reset the Heyetsy account's cookie status from scratch. Afterward, you should log back in.

However, occasionally if it does not fix the error, you might need to create a new Chrome Profile. Furthermore, you must log out of your account on both the Heyetsy.com and YTuong.me domains to ensure no details are missed.

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