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Tính năng này cho phép xem số lượng đối thủ cạnh tranh của một danh sách từ khóa và kiểm tra nó có phải suggest keyword hay không?

Keyword suggestion refers to keywords with search volume on Etsy, indicating demand and thus being recommended by Etsy.

This also demonstrates that:

  • If we use keyword suggestions with low competition, it's likely we'll be able to reach customers in niche markets.

  • When we use suggested keywords, there's a definite traffic boost.

  • Suggested keywords are search terms with existing demand.

Please click on the suggestion button below each product to check:

You will be able to see the total number of competitors using those keywords, with one competitor corresponding to one listing that uses the keyword.

The Meaning of Color Codes in Parameters

  • Keywords with Colors and Figures: These are keywords found in Etsy's search suggestion box (keywords that people are searching for).

    • Red Number: High competition keyword

    • Yellow Numbers: Keywords with moderate competition

    • Light green color: Low competition keywords

  • Keyword without color + without numbers: This keyword does not exist on Etsy.

Using keyword suggestions in your product titles and tags is a strategy that can help your product rank more easily.

Note: Sometimes there are keywords for which you know there are metrics, but they are not displayed on the Heyetsy system. This means that the keyword system is too large, and the current Heyetsy system has not yet updated. In this case, you should manually check by hand.

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