🤝Allows you to share a license with team members

When you purchase a Heyetsy account with either the SOLO or TEAM service package

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You can create multiple license codes, each of which you can share with members of your sales team, allowing them to use the Heyetsy Extension.

However, to log into the Heyetsy system, members will have to share a common account.

Tip: When deciding to share your account with someone else, you should set a password for the account that does not match the passwords of your personal accounts. This ensures your safety in case someone attempts to use the password for malicious activities.

Additionally, when naming a license code, it's a good practice to name it after the person you're sharing with. This way, if they forget or lose their license code, you can simply delete their code and create a new one.

If you're unfamiliar with how to create a License code, you can refer to the guide below for assistance:

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