⚙️The meanings of the metrics on the Extension

Below is information about the marked positions in the image above:

  1. The total number of sales in the past 24 hours is estimated to be nearly accurate.

  2. Total views in the last 24 hours

  3. Estimated Total Sales of the Listing

  4. Estimated Sales Volume of Listing

  5. Average Estimated Daily Views (Agv)

  6. Total Views of the Listing

  7. The percentage of users who will like a listing per 100 people

  8. Total likes of the listing

  9. Listing Creation Date

  10. Listing Update Date

  11. Similar Products to the Current Listing

  12. View the store of the listing

  13. Total number of items sold in 24 hours by the store with this listing

  14. Allow copying tags from the listing

  15. Check the suggestion tag of the listing

  16. Copy Listing Categories

  17. Category of the Listing

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